Offensive Application Security with OWASP Top 10-2013

Web applications present a complex set of security issues for architects, designers, and developers. The most secure and hack-resilient Web applications are those that have been built from the ground up with security in mind.

This program gives a head start to all those professionals woking in IT enabled organizations. We take you through Web Application Attacks with their core concepts along with Hands On Practice Sessions.

Program Details

Duration:16 Hours (2 Days)
Fees:INR 6500/-
Who Should Attend:Application Programmers
Test and QA Engineers
Application Architects
Project Leads and Managers
Security Consultants
(Anyone, passionate for Application Security)
Prerequisites:Working Knowledge of Computer Systems
Working Knowledge of Internet and Website
Basic Knowledge of Web Applications & Programming Concepts

Application Security Training Module with Hands On:

Getting Started with Application Security

Security in SDLC

Web Application Security Mechanisms

Introduction to OWASP

A1: Injection Based Attacks

A2: Broken Authentication & Session Management

A3: Cross Site Scripting

A4: Insecure Direct Object Reference

A5: Security Misconfiguration

A6: Sensitive Data Exposure

A7: Missing Function Level Access Control

A8: Cross Site Request Forgery(CSRF)

A9: Components with Known Flaws

A10: Unvalidated Redirects and Forwards

Let's Begin Security

  • FREE Scan for SQL Injection and XSS Flaws for Web Applications

  • FREE Port Scanning and Service Identification for Servers

  • FREE Trial on Policy Review and Tunneling Holes for Firewals