Information Security Training

As information sharing, web transactions and social networking is gaining popularity day by day, the cyberspace is becoming more and more vulnerable to the cyber attacks, affecting the operations of the Corporate and Government sector, and critical infrastructures such as Power, Telecommunications, Transportation, Energy, Banking & Finance, Defense and so on.

Cyber criminals gain access to computer systems and networks in an unauthorized manner. They are involved in security incidents such as hacking, degradation website, denial of service, access to sensitive information or other significant financial data to cause diversion of funds and other financial frauds.

We have all heard it over and over again: Protect Your Information. Identity theft is one of the most pervasive crimes in the current online and digital environment. A criminal can do a lot with your information, which includes destroying your business history and your credibility, and there is no wonder that consumers are getting afraid of giving out their sensitive information.

Lack of information security clearly hurts both customer and merchant. A security breach is not good for anyone. However, plain old theft is just the beginning of the problems.

Sandrock brings you on demand customized and dynamic corporate training programs on various information security related topics.

We are known as the best information security corporate training provider for our Live Demonstrations and Hands-On Practice facilitation during the training sessions.

Our Corporate Training topics includes, but are not limited to:

Let's Begin Security

  • FREE Scan for SQL Injection and XSS Flaws for Web Applications

  • FREE Port Scanning and Service Identification for Servers

  • FREE Trial on Policy Review and Tunneling Holes for Firewals