Red Hat Server Security Hardening

Security on Linux systems never stays static. Once secured, your system does not perpetually stay secure. Indeed, the longer you use your system, the less secure it becomes. This can happen through operational or functional changes exposing you to threats or through new exploits being discovered in packages and applications.

The security of your Red Hat System depends on a wide variety of configuration elements both at the operating system level and the application level.

At the heart of your Red Hat Linux system is the Linux kernel and operating system. Combined, these form the base level of your system on which all your applications run. Comparatively speaking, the Linux operating system and kernel are actually reasonably secure. A large number of security features are built in the kernel, and a variety of security-related tools and features come with Red Hat Enterprise Linux Operating System. Additionally, Red Hat offers exceptional control over whom, how, and what resources and applications users can access.

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