Penetration Testing Services

Cyber-criminals are eager to break into servers, networks and websites to access confidential details like credit card numbers, bank account details, customer lists, early quarterly earnings reports, as well as the email addresses they hold. To reduce the risk of financial losses, brand damage, theft of intellectual property, legal liability and fines, this data must be rigorously protected.

Over 10,000 new vulnerabilities are discovered every year. Even if you have not changed anything, in your Web Application, Network Architecture or Server, you are vulnerable for over 800 new threats discovered every month. If you have either internal or public facing network infrastructure, it is best to perform penetration testing on them periodically to see if you are vulnerable to attacks due to improper server configuration, insecure communication, weak access controls, unencrypted traffic and host of other network related security weaknesses.

Sandrock Technologies is committed to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective Web Application Penetration Testing, Internal and External Network Penetration Testing, iPhone Application Penetration Testing services that test your web applications, servers and other digital resources. Using our penetration testing solution you can conduct regular tests in a cost effective manner and easily manage your organization's compliance requirements.

Our Penetration Testing Services include:

Our Penetration Testing Services helps you discover all cyber threats and weaknesses in your Web Applications, Network and Servers as well as provide detailed remediation and recommendations. We determine how attackers can adversely impact your business, with our well-proven methodologies and unique thought-process.

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