Network Architecture Penetration Testing

Finding holes in your systems, servers and network configuration before hackers do is an important, but often overlooked, process in securing your network. Administrators can use the same tools and methodologies that hackers use for testing their security procedures and discover vulnerabilities before they are exploited by someone else.

Network and server penetration testing requires a bit of planning, a small handful of tools, and good communication with the senior IT staff and management to make sure your efforts don't backfire on you. Many companies have dedicated internal penetration testing and vulnerability assessment teams that perform these security services for them on a regular basis, but there also several private companies that can conduct independent audits for you.

Sandrock Technologies Pvt. Ltd, is committed to provide a comprehensive, cost-effective cyber threat assessment and penetration testing for Network Architecture security and vulnerability management solution that secures your Network Architecture and servers. Using this solution you can conduct regular tests in a cost effective manner and easily manage your organization's compliance requirements.

Over 10,000 new vulnerabilities are discovered every year. Even if you haven't changed anything in your Network Architecture, you are vulnerable for over 800 new threats discovered every month. If you have either internal or public facing network infrastructure, it is best to test them periodically to see if you are vulnerable to attacks due to improper server configuration, insecure communication, weak access controls, unencrypted traffic and host of other network related security weaknesses.

Our Network Architecture Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing package include:

The scope of our network architecture penetration testing framework will be your complete Network architecture including servers, systems, firewall, DNS servers, DHCP servers, etc

This package helps you discover all cyber threats and weaknesses as well as provide detailed remediation and recommendations. We determine how attackers can adversely impact your business, with our well-proven methodologies and unique thought-process.

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