Apache Security Confuguration

Apache Web Server is an open source application which provides important security advantages. Many open source enthusiasts favor Apache, but often search multiple sources to find comprehensive security and development references. Apache offer superior security because you can see, with your own eyes, their innermost workings. Indeed, you can examine every last line of code and determine whether backdoors exist. Moreover, you can verify just how well Apache's developers did their jobs.

Casual users argue that these points are irrelevant because to realize significant gains from open source, you must first understand source code. However, as a Webmaster, you are not a casual user, and when it comes to the protection of your critical data, you surely can not afford to be a casual user. Chances are, shortly after you established your site you began storing not only your data, but also data owned by others. As such, you now have certain responsibilities. One most important thing to ensure is that your Web site does not get hacked.

Even though you may not today holistically understand Apache's code, you still gain security benefits as our security researchers who are master programmers are doing your research for you.

Our Apache Security Configuration for differs from general Apache administration which deal with the following:

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